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China Telecom to start selling the iPhone 4S before March


According to a report in China Daily, China Telecom may become the second Chinese wireless carrier to carry the iPhone 4S. The carrier reportedly released a press release on Tuesday with the big news. "China Telecom has already started preparatory work for the launch of the iPhone 4S," says the press release.

The CDMA carrier has the three operating licenses it needs from the government and could start selling the iPhone 4S as early as February. The Chinese government granted the final permit, which recognizes the device as qualified, on Monday says the website of the China Compulsory Certification Online Service Center. The other two permits were granted earlier in January.

This report shouldn't come as a surprise to those watching Apple closely. Several times last year analysts and Asian newspapers claimed the carrier is negotiating with Apple to get the iPhone on its network. The Cupertino company also views China as its next big market and hinted during its last earnings conference call that it would expand to another carrier soon.

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