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NTT DoCoMo launches NEC Medias ES N-05D: Is 6.7mm thin enough?


Those NEC artisans have been at it again, shaving even more from its smartphone profiles. It's arrived at the Medias ES N-05D, which measures in at a ridiculous 6.7mm, and making the Droid Razr choke on its salad in the process. Like its predecessor, the ES N-01, the Android phone will be ready to play nice with your compatible G-Shock, alongside a waterproof shell, HD screen and eight megapixel camera. Arriving on NTT DoCoMo, you can expect those exotic 'standard' features that Japanese customers love, including a 1seg TV tuner and NFC wallet functionality. As is the tradition for new phones in the east, the phone will launch in several colors: black, white and (predictably) pink. Skinny jeans fans can hop over to the source to see exactly how Japan rocks its slim phones.

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