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Paul McCartney working on music for video game


Paul McCartney, legendary recording artist of the band Wings, is apparently working on music for a video game -- and, no, it doesn't appear to be Beatles Rock Band 2. In an interview with Germany's Die Zeit, McCartney was asked if he'd consider writing music for a video game. He responded that he's already working on it.

McCartney said he finds the video game market fascinating and was excited by the opportunity to work on a game project. He noted that growing up, he only had radio and records, but now music is everywhere. He feels that by writing music for a game that it may be the first time his music will be heard by the next generation.

There's also the business of music. McCartney said, "A new computer game is selling these days so much better than a new CD. And you reach a different audience." Might we suggest Paul of Duty, a music shooter. It worked out well for Aerosmith.

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