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EA's Origin has signed up 9.3 million players since launch


Is Origin a success? We can't be sure just yet, but reaching one quarter of Steam's userbase in a fraction of the time it took for Valve to do so certainly doesn't hurt. And that's precisely what EA revealed today in a press release ahead of its third quarter financial earnings call for fiscal 2012, which boasted 9.3 million registered Origin users since launch in June 2011.

For those of you playing along at home, Valve announced its Steam service has approximately 40 million users as of mid-January 2012, resulting in 100 percent growth for yet another year. EA can't quite boast 100 percent growth numbers, but it does point out that those 9.3 million users "generated more than $100 million in non-GAAP revenue since launch." Which is to say that the service generated, like, a lot of money for EA, especially if you contextualize it in the nebulous "non-generally accepted accounting principles" world that EA has.

Update: During EA's investor call, CEO John Riccitiello said that in the company's financial third quarter of 2012 that Origin had over 1 million daily users.

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