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Report: THQ VP of Tech Mark DeLoura out, alongside 174 others


When THQ announced plans for layoffs that didn't affect its five main internal studios, we didn't think folks like VP of tech Mark DeLoura would end up getting cut. But that's what an automated response from his email address confirmed to us last night. The response outright states, "Mark DeLoura is no longer with THQ." According to DeLoura's LinkedIn page, he was "responsible for technology strategy, the online game and MMO operations teams, the centralized online technology group, and relationships with platform and technology manufacturers."

More specifically, we're told that DeLoura was leading up management on the upcoming Warhammer 40K MMO -- the same MMO that's rumored to be canceled. At the time, THQ responded to allegations that the MMO was canned with a nebulous statement: "[THQ] has not made any decisions regarding the planned MMO."

Additionally, IGDA Mobile SIG chair Kevin Dent alleges that during the recent round of THQ restructuring, 174 employees were let go -- Dent was the origin of the aforementioned cancelation rumors (he isn't related to Harvey Dent, we're told). The company is also facing potential delisting on the NASDAQ stock exchange. THQ declined to offer comment regarding this report, and once more directed us to this Thursday's investor call.

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