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See League of Legends' Ziggs in action -- he'll blow you away


It's Ziggs week at League of Legends as Riot Games pours out the love for this hexplosives-flinging gremlin. A new Champion Spotlight video gives a good overview of this character, highlighting Ziggs' bomb-happy skills and key strategies for success. If being a Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight appeals to your playstyle, check out the video to see if Ziggs is your soulmate.

As part of the Ziggs celebration, there are two new skins for him in the store -- Major Ziggs and Mad Scientist Ziggs -- as well as a special skin for Poppy (Scarlet Hammer Poppy).

Check out the Champion Spotlight video after the cut and make sure to read up on Ziggs in our previous coverage of this new character!

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