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THQ confirms layoffs of 240 employees [updated]


THQ has confirmed planned layoffs of "up to 240 selling, general and administrative personnel worldwide," with plans to finalize the proceedings by September 30, 2012. The company promises that the "majority" of said layoffs will occur before March 31, 2012 and many of the employees affected have already been notified.

The 240 number is a marked increase from numbers we heard earlier today, making the situation at THQ look all the more dire. Today's announcement reflects specific numbers for layoffs that THQ first confirmed last week.

Though the company makes note of the recently announced restructuring away from kids and licensed titles, nothing is mentioned of the rumored cancelation of the Warhammer 40K MMO. We expect to hear even more when THQ announces its fiscal third quarter results tomorrow afternoon.

Update: THQ tells Joystiq that, "These are the cuts we described in our statement last week. No studios are a part of this. It's administration and publishing offices worldwide." The company declined to comment on whether these layoffs will affect any currently announced projects.

Update 2: This post originally stated that THQ would be laying off the 240 employees across nine months, which is inaccurate. Due to varying employment guidelines around the world and internal financial considerations, the restructuring will be completed by September 30, 2012, but most of the affected employees have already been notified.

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