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Which game development studio head was the top Colbert Super PAC supporter?


There's one man in the northeastern United States who is way, way into making America a better tomorrow, tomorrow, and that man is Harmonix Music Systems co-founder and CEO Alex Rigopulos. He's so into it, in fact, that he donated just shy of $10,000 ($9,600) to Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert's Super PAC in 2011, making his the largest financial contribution that the political action committee has received.

Colbert's camp disclosed Rigopulos' name and info along with many others to the FCC this week in a required move for Super PACs with contributors who donate more than $200. Of the $1,023,121 raised since Colbert launched his Super PAC, Rigopulos' donation makes up just under 1 percentage point -- not much in the context of the larger sum, but far larger than the average contributor (under $200).

Harmonix confirmed the Rigopulos news with Joystiq, but declined to offer comment, presumably choosing to wait for that better tomorrow (which we're told may arrive tomorrow-ish).

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