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Breakfast Topic: What's your game?


We all have our "thing" in WoW, our thing that we focus on, the main aim of our gaming. For a while, mine was raiding -- never front-line, realm-first (or similar) progression raiding, but clearing raid content in a timely manner so we didn't feel totally behind the curve, getting a significant number of bosses down before a nerf or the like, staying in the top 50 guilds on our server.

Then I became slowly infected with the PvP bug. Raiding and PvE started to matter less and less, and while I do still participate in guild raids, it's not my thing any more. I haven't really even been that bothered by the Raid Finder -- I prefer to see content with my guild and not spoil the surprise of fights. But really, that's an excuse -- I just don't find raiding as enthralling as I used to. PvP is my thing now.

I do have a few alts I'm leveling too, of course, but for me leveling is a chore that must be done to get to Arena levels (70, 80) and max level. It's a great way to learn, and I try to level in the spec I want to play in Arena. The enjoyment of leveling is not in the doing of it but in the end result. Leveling itself isn't my focus.

I put things on the Auction House occasionally and ineptly when I'm out of funds. I only ever get achievements by accident, with a few exceptions. And roleplaying? It's a complete mystery to me, much as I find it fascinating.

How about you? What's your game? Now, I've inevitably missed a huge amount of options in the poll below, so feel free to tell me about my failure in the comments and try to pick the closest option!


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