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Mass Effect 3 'Mission Command' Facebook app offers in-game goodies


Microsoft has launched a Facebook app called Mass Effect 3 Mission Command, that both serves as promotion for the upcoming Mass Effect 3, and an opportunity to get some in-game items. You "log in" to Mission Command (which grants EA access to your Facebook account and email), and then you have to fulfill missions like recruiting your friends, posting pickup lines for Liara, downloading the demo, or sharing movies of you pretending to be in the game.

The first prize on offer is an Xbox Live avatar prop of the Normandy (presumably the same one found in the Xbox 360 Collector's Edition), and later missions will give away an Xbox 360 console complete with the game and Kinect. Sure, doing missions for EA's promotional gain might not be quite as heroic as saving the universe from the reapers, but even Commander Shepard finds the time to sell out occasionally.

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