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Blue Posts and Other WoW News: Transmogging, A WoW turn around

Adam Holisky

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Blue posts

Draxxarri -- Transmogging

Just curious as to why its possible to freely transmog between gun, bow and xbow, but other weapon types have to be kept the same?

Remember that Transmogrification isn't 'done', and that more changes might come in the future. At first, we had concerns that if we allowed non-ranged weapons to be transmogrified into completely different weapons that they would lose a sense of flavor and identity. Our perspective may be changing on that front, though, and over time the current restrictions could be eased further.

Anyway, it's because hunter ranged weapons each make a distinct sound that they were a bit more loosely restricted in this first pass. I'm sure that the hunters in the audience can explain why that's valuable.


Is there a timeline for the loosening of Trasmog restrictions? Is their anything on the table as of yet?

Do you guys have any plans to eventually loosen the resections completely?

I love Transmog. ^_^

There's not really a specific timeline established, no. I think it's reasonable to look forward to incremental changes, as we have time to implement them, and as they make sense. We're also looking at finding new ways of making Transmogrification fun and rewarding.

On the other hand, I don't currently see a future where all restrictions are dropped completely, but I've learned that it's also generally wise to avoid the word "never".

I do too. It's funny - I have my old tier sets, but my favorite transmog set right now is comprised mostly of a bunch of level 20 greens I bought off of the auction house.

WoW is having a turn around?
I like your thread, Vorps! It's great to see some positive discussion and speculation about where this game is headed. :)

We're definitely very focused on opening the doors a little wider to new ideas to really grasp onto what will make this game as fun as possible. It's 7 years old after all. We're not going to reinvent the wheel in Mists of Pandaria, but we want to introduce new types of compelling content with meaningful reward structures so your progression paths don't feel quite as redundant.

You'll get a captivating story, breathtaking new lands to explore, a wide array of new and awesome good/bad guys (from what I've seen, REALLY awesome), a slew of new dungeons and raids, a new playable race, a new class, many outstanding systems improvements, etc.

We hope these features are more or less to be expected with virtually every expansion. But this time we're also pouring our heart and soul into some really fun new features that'll allow you to progress in slightly less conventional ways.

I get so excited every time I meet with Greg Street, Cory Stockton, Dave Kosak, and Tom Chilton to discuss everything they're working on each week. It's even got me logging into some of the characters I haven't played in a while more often lately, just because I want to be fully prepared to diversify my gameplay and explore different avenues of content on different characters.

I think it's really going to be about playing the game the way you want to play it, without feeling entirely like you're missing out on valuable rewards.


There's really no reason for this tone or attitude, nor is it acceptable to hijack a thread because you feel what's being discussed isn't as important to you as another topic. Likewise, it's incredibly shortsighted and dismissive of you to accuse anyone who expresses positive sentiments about this game of kissing butt.

I respond when and where I can as I get the opportunity to browse the forums, and if I have relevant information to share. The fact of the matter is there are players out there who are happy with this game, looking forward to future content, and want to talk about it with their peers on the forums. And I'll absolutely encourage constructive conversations like this. You won't break me of habits which promote community relations.

Having said all that, yesterday we discussed low-population and faction-imbalanced realms with our developers. They have some pretty bold and spectacular plans for addressing this in anticipation of implementing some of the features we plan to in Mists. I just don't have a lot of information to share with you at this stage of programming and development.

Now, let's speak to each other like adults (or at least decent human beings), shall we? It's much easier to communicate with you when you're not just trying to make a fuss wherever you might get an employee's attention. :)



"It's even got me logging into some of the characters I haven't played in a while more often lately, just because I want to be fully prepared to diversify my gameplay and explore different avenues of content on different characters."

Is that like, the e-sport version of insider trading? o.O

I didn't mean that I'm using their info to my advantage. :p

I'm just saying that, based on all the new features we've discussed, I'm more enthusiastic about leveling some of my alts, playing level-85 characters I hadn't in a while, and generally just fitting in more time for WoW!

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