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Airport Utility 6.0 flies right into the iCloud, leaves old AirPorts behind


The latest version of Apple's Airport Utility software has arrived, alongside those iCloud-supporting firmware updates for the company's network hardware, including the AirPort Extreme, the AirPort Express and Time Capsule. Unfortunately, Airport Utility 6.0 doesn't support pre-2007 models, that is; 802.11g-only devices. As we already know, iCloud support requires the new release, running on OSX Lion and if you're still clinging onto your MobileMe account, we've got more bad news -- this won't work with the new software either. Fortunately, you'll still be able to configure (firmware-updated) older models with previous AirPort Utility versions. TidBITS has gone into fine detail on compatibility changes, so be sure to check the source if there's any niggling doubts.

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