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EverQuest II players prepare to pay it forward tomorrow


We here at Massively always have a soft spot in our otherwise cold and calculating hearts for players who take the initiative to help a fellow gamer out in a fun and creative way. So we couldn't let a story slip by about how a group of EverQuest II vets are planning to shower newbies with gifts and goodies in the hopes of fostering a better server community.

Jayne on EQII's Freeport server is helping to organize the return of the Pay It Forward player event, an activity that apparently got a lot of great responses the last two times around. What is Pay It Forward?
It's a day when adventurers and crafters come together to donate crafted goods, items rotting away in your bank, plat, rares, masters... you name it... to young adventurers, asking only that they perform some random good deed for a complete stranger in return.
He's asking that interested participants meet at the crafting area on the Isle of Mara tomorrow, February 4th, at 4:00 pm EST with gifts to hand out to low-level players.

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