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Breakfast Topic: What parts of gameplay do you consider a chore?


WoW is a funny game, really. I was chatting about it to a friend at university the other day and explaining to them that there's a lot of grinding in WoW. They wondered what on earth I meant by that. I clarified that you have professions that you need to level up, for example, and in order to do that, you have to go and repeatedly kill baddies in order to get the materials or do something that allows you to get enough gold to buy the materials on the Auction House.

I added that it's rather a chore. I also mentioned that in Rise of the Zandalari, there were only two dungeons that you had to run every week to get your points topped up in order to buy gear to raid. This, also, was rather a chore. He was baffled that a game -- something that was meant to be fun -- should have chores in it!

So that got me thinking (like everything else does) about my friends. I have a friend in WoW who mines constantly; it seems to be all he does sometimes. Mining (the profession I've never leveled because I hate it so much) clearly isn't a chore to him -- or he thinks he really needs all that ore and quietly hates it! Ugh, that clink, clink, clink ...

What do you consider a chore in WoW? What are the not-that-fun-but-necessary parts of the game? What are things that you just won't do because they're too tiresome?

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