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Dashwire closes up shop, all your data to get flushed on February 15th (update: Windows Mobile devices only)


Ok, so chances are you probably haven't thought about Dashwire much in the last couple of years. Last time we covered the service was back in the halycon days of Windows Mobile 6.0, early on in the modern smartphone revolution. In case you need a bit of a refresher, Dashwire was a cloud service that delivered many of the ammenities we now take for granted in mobile device -- visual voicemail, threaded SMS, automatic syncing of photos, and status updates. Earlier this year, HTC snatched up the company which last made news with the free, and appropriately-named, Awesome Drop for Android (which seems to be dying a quiet death in the market). Well, the actual Dashwire service has been languishing for sometime now, but the company has decided to finally discontinue it completely for Windows Mobile devices and, on February 15th, will be shutting down its servers and deleting all user content. So, if you've got anything still sitting up in its aging cloud, now is the time to reclaim it.

Update: Despite the Dashwire service itself (apparently) no longer being listed on its site, HTC has contacted us to clarify that "that Dashwire is only closing down the original/old service for Windows Mobile devices" and that it has "new services with Tier 1 operators that are live in market."

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