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M. Bison, Xiaoyu, Akuma, Jin and Ogre confirmed for SFxT

Jordan Mallory

Street Fighter X Tekken's character roster has had more leaks than a Civil War-era submarine; this time, the unannounced character details come courtesy of a move list card deck included in a Taiwanese collector's edition of the game, which happens to include cards for five unannounced characters: M. Bison, Xiaoyu, Akuma, Jin and Ogre.

M. Bison and Xiaoyu were leaked once already, but this is the first we've heard of Akume, Jin or Ogre's inclusion in the game. This collector's edition also includes a 46 track soundtrack and a Yoshinori Ono bobble-head figurine (!!), so we're desperately hoping that the US will get a similar package.

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