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Breakfast Topic: Will you be finding Love in the Air?

Anne Stickney

Guys. Seriously. I can't believe more people haven't mentioned the fact that Love is in the Air this year has a holiday mount involved -- the Swift Lovebird, which can be purchased for 270 Love Tokens. Have you not heard? Bird is the word, in the form of this absolutely gorgeous pink tallstrider. Needless to say, I do not care how much running around I have to do to get all those Love Tokens, by the end of this holiday, I will be riding around on a ridiculous pink mount ... because I can.

There's a ton of other reasons to do the holiday as well, for achievements and for tons of fun items from the holiday bosses. I'll be faithfully killing the trio of Apothecaries in the hopes of getting fun prizes, provided the Apothecary Trio is still there, of course. I'm not much of a fan of Valentine's Day, but I do love fun world events. And giant pink tallstriders to ride around on. Did I mention the pink tallstrider?

Are you planning on participating in Love is in the Air? Do you still have achievements to finish for the meta? And perhaps the most important question of them all: Will you be hunting down enough tokens for the Swift Lovebird as quickly as possible, too? Let us know -- and while you're at it, check out our Guide to Love is in the Air 2012 for tips on nabbing all those pesky achievements.

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