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Japanese hardware sales, January 23 - 29: Crystal ball edition

Jordan Mallory

By now, Super Bowl XLVI has finished and the victor has emerged victorious, their glimmering rings reflecting a light of shame into the hearts and souls of the defeated. This article was written much earlier in the day, however, so I'm going to use this as an opportunity to flex my fortune telling muscle and predict the outcome. You have my absolute word that this post will not be altered or edited in any way prior to it being posted.

If I'm right, you owe me 50 bucks. If I'm wrong, and frankly when has that ever happened, I'll record an acoustic cover version of any song the commenters decide on, and post it as next week's hardware sales post. Ready?

Based on the fact that Venus is in Pisces until February 8 and Mercury won't be in retrograde for another 35 days, I'm going to call the NY Giants as tonight's winners.

3DS: 84,789 [UP] 3,829 (4.72%)
PS3: 22,924 [UP] 1,769 (8.36%)
Vita: 18,942 [UP] 3,723 (24.46%)
PSP: 16,008 [DOWN] 1,173 (6.82%)
Wii: 10,396 [UP] 223 (2.19%)
Xbox 360: 1,235 [DOWN] 353 (22.22%)
DSi LL: 1,180 [DOWN] 20 (1.69%)
DSi: 738 [DOWN] 84 (10.21%)
PS2: 713 [DOWN] 190 (26.64%)

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