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TERA's EU sneak peek weekend canceled due to unknown technical fault


Upcoming fantasy MMO TERA has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons, from controversial IP blocking to NCSoft's ongoing lawsuit against developers En Masse Entertainment. Today we add another story to the growing list of problems plaguing TERA as its European sneak peek weekend has collapsed due to unknown technical issues. Though a limited number of preview keys were given out for the event, the game and login servers broke down shortly after the preview got underway.

The event that fans were looking forward to has now been canceled, with no date for a restart yet announced. The official TERA Europe Facebook page confirms that "The cancellation was not due to load problems caused by the large number of potential players," but was unable to shed any light on what caused the fault or when the sneak peek event would resume. With the game's US launch set for May 1st and its European launch shortly after on May 3rd, we can only hope that these problems are ironed out soon.

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