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NVIDIA's 2012 Kepler lineup revealed (possibly)


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As usual, it seems like whenever a big chip company wants to keep those key details under wraps, someone leaves a spreadsheet lying in a bar. Of course, the following information could be the product of a vengeful former employee mashing at a keyboard, so let's agree that these are rumored details until further notice. NVIDIA's whole range of Kepler-powered graphics cards will be PCI-E 3.0 compliant, with the GTX690 topping the group at $999 when it arrives in Q3 of this year, while the modestly-priced GTX640 will retail for $139 when it arrives in May. If you'd like to drill down into the specifics of all eight cards purportedly on offer for 2012, we've got all the details in a handy chart nestled just after the interval.

Model Code
Memory Clock Core
GPU Clock Die Size Bus Width Memory Bus Width Price Release Date
GTX690 GK110x2 4.5GHz GDDR5 750MHz 1.5GHz 550mm² 2x488bit 2x252GB/s $995 Q3 2012
GTX680 GK110 5.5GHz GDDR5 850MHz 1.7Ghz 550mm² 512bit 352GB/s $649 April 2012
GTX670 GK110 5GHz GDDR5 850MHz 1.7GHz 550mm² 448bit 280GB/s $499 April 2012
GTX600Ti GK110 5GHz GDDR5 850MHz 1.7GHz 550mm² 384bit 240GB/s $399 Q2/Q3 2012
GTX660 GK104 5.8GHz GDDR5 900MHz 1.8Ghz 290mm² 256bit 186GB/s $319 April 2012
GTX650Ti GK104 5.5GHz GDDR5 850MHz 1.7GHz 290mm² 224bit 154GB/s $249 Q2/Q3 2012
GTX650 GK106 5.5GHz GDDR5 900MHz 1.8GHz 155mm² 192bit 132GB/s $179 May 2012
GTX640 GK106 5.5GHz GDDR5 850MHz 1.7GHz 155mm² 128bit 88GB/s $139 May 2012

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