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Sony patent sketches reveal Wii U-esque controller system, keeps it vague


While Nintendo is darn proud of its attempts to differentiate itself from other console manufacturers with its unusual hardware choices, it looks like Sony also had plenty of touchscreen-toting, TV-connected ideas way back in 2010. These patent sketches explain a handheld device that bares a foggy resemblance to Nintendo's incoming Wii U. The "position-dependent gaming, 3-D controller, and handheld as a remote," would act as the "input to a video game" -- or controller, as we technical types like to call it -- adding in some augmented reality functionality as an overlay to camera input on the device. The PS Vita is already capable of doing most of what's posited above, including the ability to hook up to its older (bigger) brother, the PS3 -- possibly that anonymous box you can see above. If such a mystery device device does appear, at least it looks like Sony's got its bases covered, again.

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