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RIM shows off new features for PlayBook 2.0 at DevCon


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All eyes are on Amsterdam this morning, as RIM hosts DevCon Europe. Among all the usual avowals about how well things are going are a few nuggets of the new and the noteworthy. One such morsel was a demonstration of new BlackBerry Bridge features. Now, swipes and touches from your BlackBerry handset get translated over to the Playbook, as well as keyboard input. This means you can use your phone much more like a controller, while taking advantage of the PlayBook's generous display. The calendar also gets a healthy dose of social lubricant, showing you info about the people you'll be meeting, and stressing how busy you are by visually emphasising dates when you are busier. Fortunately, PlayBook 2.0 is slated for release this month, so the more eager amongst you shouldn't have to wait long to give it a spin.

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