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Blue Posts: Account-wide achievements to work with non-MoP achievements, "Ask A CDev" soon

Adam Holisky

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Zarhym's judge-ness been taken up to the Dredd degree.

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Blue posts

Blizzard -- WoW cups at ampm now on sale
It wasn't long ago since we first announced an approaching milestone. This awe-inspiring event -- sure to leave the planet standing still, its people in awe of the greatness -- is upon us. You may now collect your refreshing fountain drinks at ampm convenience stores in remarkable, limited-edition creations forged for just this purpose. Kil'jaeden, Illidan, the Lich King, and Deathwing have been memorialized on what are now the only drinking cups that have ever mattered. They will only wait so long for you to realize the growing thirst within you. They will not tolerate your failure to locate your nearest ampm.

Get your epic World of Warcraft cup today and become a part of history. Just don't forget that, in this case, even history needs a straw.

Vaeflare -- Account-wide achievement clarificaiton
While we're still working out many of the details regarding account-wide achievement functionality, I want to clarify that we plan for the system to apply to all achievements -- not just those added in Mists of Pandaria. It's intended to be an overall change to the current achievement system.

Our goal is to make it so that you feel like you only have to get an achievement once. We think the time and effort you put into achievements should be evident regardless of which character you're playing. The update will be implemented at the level and, as such, would apply to all of the attached World of Warcraft licenses on the account.

Nyorloth -- Ask CDev soon™
My eye has glimpsed the forming of an Ask CDev on the horizon... perhaps, even, Soon™! You would all do well to gather your questions now, in preparation for this momentous event.

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