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VP of iPhone and iPod Engineering David Tupman leaves Apple


David Tupman, the VP of iPhone and iPod Engineering at Apple, made his exit from Cupertino at the end of last year, according to reports at 9to5Mac. Tupman, who grew up in the UK, has a background in engineering, and has been in the position ever since the introduction of the first iPod, all the way up through the release of the iPhone 4. It's unknown where Tupman is headed next -- it's rumored that he may be headed to work on Nest with another former Apple Engineer, Tony Fadell, but Nest denies those rumors.

As for Apple, it'll be fine, of course. A company doing as well as Apple will likely be able to pick up any engineers it would like, and even if not, there are quite a few candidates inside the company that could step up into the Engineering position, including the current head of iPad engineering, or the person in charge of iPod and iPhone design. Meanwhile, best of luck to Mr. Tupman -- thanks for all your hard work.

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