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Australian pilot sues because he doesn't have an iPad

Mel Martin

Virgin Australia Airlines First Officer David Kloster is suing his employer for almost one million dollars, claiming he hurt his back while lugging around almost 40 pounds of charts and manuals. Documents filed with the Queensland Supreme Court on Kloster's behalf state that the airline "...failed to have in place a system of work whereby charts and rules could have been left on board its aircraft or kept electronically on an iPad." The lawsuit has been reported by the Daily Telegraph in Australia.

Kloster said he was injured lifting his flight bag while getting on a bus in 2009. He is currently suing for future economic loss, medical expenses and other costs.

The airline has not officially responded to the suit, but spokesperson Emma Copeman has said "Virgin Australia takes its obligations with respect to protecting the health and safety of those involved in its operations very seriously." Virgin Australia has said it plans to switch to iPads in the cockpit this year.

One obvious problem for Kloster's legal case is that his accident happened in December of 2009. The iPad did not go on sale in Australia until May of 2010.

[Thanks to TUAW reader Marty R. for the tip]

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