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Breakfast Topic: How and why did you leave your previous guild?


I have no hard data, but my guess is that guild hopping has greatly decreased since the advent of guild reputation and perks. If you're going to leave a max-level guild that you are at least friendly with, you usually have a really good reason. In fact, I think many people stay in guilds far too long just because of the time investment in gathering reputation.

But guild levels haven't always been around, and many people who played before Cataclysm guild hopped. I've never been one for bopping from guild to guild. I like to get comfy in a guild and stick with it. Taking time to properly choose your guild helps, but sometimes guilds devolve into places you don't want to be. I've been rather lucky. Of course, the WoW Insider family of guilds is my main home, and it's a rather wonderful place to be.

I began the game in a guild I liked very much. It was filled with people I worked with, and we had a good time leveling up together. But since we let anyone we worked with into the guild, we ended up with a couple of people we liked at work but not so much in game. We didn't want to cause strife and we wanted to preserve our working relationships, so we didn't want to gkick. Instead, we formed a new guild and moved our characters over to it, leaving the bad eggs behind. We were rather cowardly in retrospect. I don't recommend it. Not too long afterward, our guild evaporated and we all went to play on different servers.

Back in EverQuest, I left a very friendly guild because I wanted to raid, and the only way to have a raid that didn't last all day and night was to join an organized guild. I enjoyed the excitement of killing dragons and not wiping for hours, but I missed the camaraderie of my former guildmates. Still, we could continue to chat via other means, and raiding was a priority for me at the time. This is similar to Boulder's situation in a previous Drama Mamas.

Why did you leave your previous guild? How did you do it? Have you ever rage quit? Or have you stayed with the first guild you ever joined?

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