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Kalimdor completely recreated in Minecraft

Alex Ziebart

Ragnaros and Deathwing in Minecraft? Yeah, that's pretty cool ... but how about all of freaking Kalimdor in Minecraft? Last night on reddit, RamsesA (Rumsey on the Minecraft forums) showed off his to-scale map of Kalimdor rendered entirely in Minecraft blocks. According to Rumsey, the recreation took him a total of two weeks to complete, from the moment of inspiration to the completion of the project.

This wasn't all done with the base tools available in Minecraft, however. Rumsey needed to use mods for Minecraft that allowed him to build beyond the native height limit of 128 blocks. The continent was not created block by block by hand, either. Rumsey developed custom software to use in mapping out his recreation. Still, this is damn cool. Faulting him for using these tools is like faulting someone for separating their LEGOs using this thing or one of these instead of their teeth.

In collaboration with the Cursecraft project, Rumsey does hope to recreate all of the World of Warcraft in Minecraft one day, including instances and raids. Kalimdor is only the beginning of this architectural endeavor.

We've included a few sampler images of his Kalimdor recreation in the gallery below, but you can view all of them over in his Minecraft forum thread. The limited block options available makes some of the coloration a little abstract at times, but that's nothing a custom texture pack couldn't fix.

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