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Lineage II boasts increased revenue and playerbase following free-to-play transition


It's been a little over two months now since NCsoft's Lineage II adopted a free-to-play business model that the studio has taken to calling "Truly Free." It would appear the transition went over well for the long-running title, as a new press release boasts that since the change, "[the game] has almost quadrupled its revenue and increased its concurrent player base by more than 800 per cent." Not a bad resurgence for a game that's been kicking around for the better part of eight years now. The studio attributes the success -- at least in part -- to the newly added Path to Awakening feature, "which provides helpful buffs, items and advice to accelerate new characters towards the level cap." If you'd like to get in the game and experience the freshly reinvigorated world of Lineage II for yourself, just click on through to the official site.

[Source: NCsoft press release]

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