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Paradox to reveal Magicka studio's next game at GDC


Paradox Interactive plans to show off three unannounced titles at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next month. The publisher, which has the peculiar habit of using Kevin Costner films as codenames, has three new games based on brand new intellectual properties to reveal.

Project "JFK" comes from Magicka studio Arrowhead Game Studios and is described as a multiplayer combat game with "a focus on killing your friends and looking cool doing it." Project "Revenge!" is by Critical Studio out of Brazil and is an "action packed action game in a world that can be described as death trap for heroes and children." Finally, Project "Silverado," from Zeal Game Studio, is a real-time strategy game meets shooter, with "a side order of a tabletop wargame and a sprinkle of sci-fi."

The publisher will also have more on A Game of Dwarves, its fantasy management game, along with War of the Roses (again, NO, the game is not based on the amazing Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner divorce saga).

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