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Grab yourself a Seven Souls Online beta key from Massively!

Shawn Schuster

Seven Souls Online is a new fantasy MMO from NEOWIZ that focuses on the concept of controlling the seven most destructive and powerful forces of humankind. These seven souls have essentially leaked out, and it's up to you to seal them back up. Sound like a fun Friday night? Good, because the devs want you to help test it out!

The beta will begin on February 15th (so it won't be available until then!), but we have some keys to get you ready for the event. Simply head on over to our giveaway page, click "Claim Your Key" at the bottom, and go to this link to redeem your code. You'll need to register for an account on their site and click on "Apply for Beta" to complete the process, but after that, you'll be all set for the February 15th beta.


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