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Alan Wake PC editions illuminated, not scary anymore


Nordic Games has revealed the contents of its Alan Wake PC editions -- collector's and standard -- which are set to hit Steam on February 16 and retail shelves on March 2. The standard edition includes the full game and The Signal and The Writer DLC packs on one disc, the original soundtrack on a second, six post cards, seven stickers, a poster and a manual.

The collector's edition includes everything in the standard edition, plus audio commentary and background information from developer Remedy Entertainment that can be switched on during the main game. It also has "The Alan Wake Files," 144 pages of evidence complied by in-game author Clay Steward, and a third disc with a making-of feature, the history of Remedy, trailers and behind-the-scenes content.

Alan Wake is set to hit Steam in downloadable form on February 16, at $30 for the standard edition and $35 for the collector's edition, though without the discs and "premium packaging" promised in both retail forms.

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