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DoubleTwist update brings podcast support to auditory Android users

Amar Toor, @amartoo

A fresh version of the DoubleTwist media player hit the Android Market this week, offering a whole new world of podcast possibilities -- for a price. With the in-app upgrade, users can search for and subscribe to a variety of podcasts from the comfort of their own handsets. It's pretty simple. The app will automatically download the latest episodes, too, though there's an option to restrict all downloads to WiFi, in case you're worried about eating into your data plan. You can also choose to either stream or download each file, and manage all your feeds straight from your device. It's available now as an update to the DoubleTwist Pro package, though it'll cost you $4.99 to make the jump. If that seems worth it, you can upgrade at the coverage link below.

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