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iPad assists South African President Zuma with State of the Nation address


South African President Jacob Zuma seems to be a big fan of the iPad. About a year ago, a photo was tweeted just prior to the 2011 State of the Nation address showing Zuma preparing his speech on an iPad. This year, as you can see at right, President Zuma is using his "indispensable" iPad again for the address. He appears to like the two-finger typing method favored by many iPad users.

As noted on, the State of the Nation address is part of the opening of the South African Parliament and a "one of the key events in South Africa's political calendar." The speech takes place today, although we won't know until after the event if Zuma uses the iPad as a portable teleprompter or just in the preparation of his address.

Zuma is also asking South Africans to share comments on the address via email, Twitter, and Facebook. No word if President Zuma has purchased Tweetbot for iPad yet...

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