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Japanese hardware sales, January 30 - February 5: Love song edition

Jordan Mallory

We talk a lot of trash about Valentine's Day because it's hilarious and easy, but in all honesty, there's nothing wrong with two people using the greeting-card holiday as an excuse to express their love for each other. To make up for our maliciousness, we want to help facilitate that lovin' by providing some nice background music for your romantic evening.

Start off the night with the acoustic cover of Skrillex's Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Bear Cavalry embedded above. Once things get a little cozy, follow that up with this piano version of Intuition by Feist, and when the moment is right, throw on Glory Box by Portishead to shift the mood into overdrive. Leave that on repeat for as long as necessary, and then bring things back down with Bjork's All Is Full of Love. Now, get a room you two!

3DS: 75,018 [DOWN] 9,771 (11.52%)
PS3: 23,293 [UP] 369 (1.61%)
Vita: 17,141 [DOWN] 1,801 (0.51%)
PSP: 15,847 [DOWN] 161 (1.01%)
Wii: 8,814 [DOWN] 1,582 (15.22%)
Xbox 360: 1,382 [UP] 147 (11.90%)
DSi LL: 1,090 [DOWN] 90 (7.63%)
DSi: 669 [DOWN] 69 (9.35%)
PS2: 481 [DOWN] 232 (32.54%)

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