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Undead Labs answers questions about Class3's open world

Eliot Lefebvre

Undead Labs has been putting out a steady stream of information for potential players of Class3, the company's upcoming single-player prelude to the massively multiplayer Class4. The last major update in January showed some previews of the game under development, something that prompted a great deal of discussion about how the game will play. As a result, this month's session of questions and answers focuses on player speculation and the game's open-world environment.

According to this set of answers, players will be able to explore the game through a variety of means, including taking shelter inside the houses across the landscape, jumping over fences, and making careful use of vehicles found through the world. There's also discussion about making use of the environment as a weapon via ragdoll physics plus a tantalizing hint that more information will be forthcoming about the game in the spring. Fans of the upcoming zombie apocalypse will want to take a look at the full set of answers, which will hopefully serve as a precursor to an epic MMO in the same vein.

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