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APB now available at European retail stores

Jef Reahard

The writing may be on the wall for lovers of the physical game box, but not every company is giving up on retail altogether. GamersFirst has just announced a partnership with Iceberg Interactive to distribute APB Reloaded to brick and mortar stores across the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Scandinavia.

The box sells for £20 and features £30 of bonus items including a permanent hi-performance vehicle, weapon, and 30 days of premium access (which in turn provides increased cash and reputation rewards, plus a hefty discount at the cash shop).

APB Reloaded is an open-world third-person shooter set in the crime-ridden streets of San Paro. The game is free-to-play, powered by the Unreal 3 Engine, and features an advanced avatar customization system that allows for personalized symbols, clothing, vehicles, and in-game music.

[Source: GamersFirst press release]

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