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BlackBerry PlayBook Dock revealed in back room of DevCon


Somewhere, in a dark room at the back of DevCon, someone was showing off a bundle of PlayBook gear marked "Top Secret." BlackBerry Czech was able to grab some pics (more at the source link) of a keyboard case that handles multi-touch and the long-desired docking station for the currently moribund slate. According to the site, the dock offers HDMI-out, three USB ports and even an ethernet jack to let you surf without WiFi. Apparently it's got a hefty wireless receiver / speakerphone that would allow you to make VoIP calls from your PlayBook. What's not mentioned is if we can expect to see this available for some cold, hard currency any time soon (hint: get it on shelves). On the same post, there's also a mention of the mythical 10-inch second generation edition of RIM's device, but no photos were allowed -- so we'll just have to file that under "Hmmm" until we get closer to MWC, shall we?

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