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Blue Posts and Other WoW News: Reminder on how to report botting players


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Zarhym is just taking over everything lately. Where is the floating skull going to end up next? Thanks to Mat McCurley for pointing out Zarhym's One Life to Live usurping.

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Blue posts

"Break the Trees" – New WoW Parody by Sharm
Singer, songwriter, and parody artist extraordinaire, Sharm has been entertaining World of Warcraft fans with her clever lyrics and angelic voice for almost five years now. She delights us again with her latest song, "Break the Trees," a witty compilation of verses comprised solely of the names of class talents set to the beat of Britney Spear's hit, "Break the Ice."

Whether you're a tank, a healer, or a damage dealer, "Break the Trees" is sure to be a treat. Check it out below or visit Sharm's official page on YouTube.

Vaeflare -- Reporting players
We appreciate that many of you wish to take an active role in reporting players that may be using third-party programs for illegitimate gains. As others have mentioned in this thread, however, such discussion would be better served by making sure your examples do not include the names or armory links of other players. Regardless of the intent, calling out other players is not permitted on the forums.

If you feel that another player is botting, you can report them by submitting an in-game ticket or by utilizing our Support ticket form:

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