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Capcom registers new Darkstalkers trademark in Europe


Capcom's only been teasing a re-release or remake of its cult classic 2D fighter Darkstalkers for, oh, three years or so at this point, so we wouldn't call our reaction to this morning's discovery of a European trademark filing for Darkstalkers one of "surprise," exactly. Instead, the reaction was that of expectancy, as we're taking a wild guess that this isn't a registration for a brand new Darkstalkers game as much as it is for an updated port, as Capcom is fond to do with its previously released fighting games (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online and Marvel vs Capcom 2 spring to mind).

Furthermore, Street Fighter x Tekken producer Yoshinori Ono has gone out of his way to repeatedly remind fans to push Capcom on the Darkstalkers franchise. "This is all up to the readers. They have to create the buzz. They have to tell us. They have to write the condition. They have to send in all these letters of plead," Ono said back in October 2010. He once again asked fans to voice their opinion in a New York Comic Con panel this past October, which was met with raucous support from showgoers.

Capcom had yet to return our request for comment as of publishing, nor do we expect to hear much until the publisher is good and ready to talk Darkstalkers. Our bet would be in March at GDC or PAX East in April, but we've got our tendrils crossed that we'll hear something sooner. Should you need some Darkstalkers action in the meantime, might we suggest this PSone classics version that's currently available?

Update: Capcom has responded to our request for comment with a one line answer: "We have not made any announcements."

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