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FarCry 3 coming September 6 (in Europe) according to German trailer [update: now in English!]


Are you ready to wub wub wub with Jason Brody as he murders dozens (hundreds?) of island natives after ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time during the events of Far Cry 3? Oh, not ready yet? Well that's good, actually, as the game won't be available until September 6 in Europe (September 4 for North Americans) according to a new, dubstep-heavy trailer for the game leaked out of Germany via All Games Beta.

The game had previously been pegged with an extremely vague "2012" launch window, but the trailer -- which popped up before a planned Ubisoft quarterly financial call later today -- pins September 6 to the game and, unsurprisingly, suggests we get pre-ordering.

In other news, we're feeling way, way less sorry for Far Cry 3 protagonist Jason Brody after watching this latest trailer. It's never a good idea to go exploring unmapped islands, not to mention ones where you almost immediately find automatic weapons just sitting around. Use your brain, Brody!

Update: Ubisoft had the leaked trailer removed from YouTube, but we snagged a pic of the release date splash screen before it got removed. Sorry, y'all! We've reached out to Ubi for more info on the trailer and the game's worldwide release dates.

Update 2: The US version of the trailer is now live, once more confirming the release date of September 4 in North America and September 6 in Europe.

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