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Fresh Far Cry 3 details may cause dizziness, temporary insanity


Far Cry 3 will emphasize tactical freedom, but isn't skimping on scripted moments, details from Edge magazine (as spotted by Gaming Everything) reveal. The first glimpse lists the strategic improvisation possibilities, such as tying C4 to a jeep and driving it into an enemy camp, or hang-gliding over entire areas.

The mission Edge played saw the protagonist, Jason Brody, hallucinating while trying to take out enemies. He was still able to stab two guards then throw the knife at another -- something we doubt we could do while (almost) perfectly lucid.

The main antagonist, Vaas, is "a sociopath, and very nearly a psychopath," Edge says, and the Ubisoft development team wants the game to be "emotional and raw" while still remaining a shooter first. There will be no weapon degredation, Gaming Everything adds. Check out the entire run-down of Jason Brody's descent into mushroom madness right here.

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