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Krew Studios' 'Project Orb' is as close to CUBE as we're going to get


"It's coming. A game unlike anything you've ever seen. Prepare yourself ... for CUBE!"

The still nascent Krew Studios isn't doing much to distinguish itself from the developer of the fictional CUBE, if you ask us. This week, the studio announced intentions to create an Xbox 360 title for release this year, currently named "Project Orb," and frankly, we can't help but draw comparisons to the faux game trailer of yore.

For starters, we don't know a damn thing about Project Orb, other than some unbelievably ambiguous screens and a mention in the company's announce PR that the project "will indeed be a music title."

That's not exactly surprising, given the pedigree behind Krew Studios -- co-founder Michael Yum was an executive producer at PM Studios, whose last project was DJ Max Fever. Even more importantly, however, is the other half of that duo: famed music industry exec Clarence Avant.

"Clarence and I really wanted to start with something that could revolutionize the music industry as well as help rebuild a market that was considered sinking as of late 2010," Yum notes in the announcement. We'll get our first chance to see exactly what Yum means in the not so distant future it seems, as he also said that "further announcements will be made shortly." For now, gaze upon the orbs above and below ... if you dare.

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Contact: Michael Yum

Company: Krew Game Studios, LLC

Address: 660 S. Myers St.

Los Angeles, CA 90023




A Brand New Videogame Development Studio for Console and Mobile Gaming

LOS ANGELES, CA –02/14/-2012 -- Krew Game Studios, LLC, an innovative provider
of videogames and software for the mass market, formally announce their new
development studio and their first title.

Krew Game Studios, LLC is co-founded by Michael Yum of PM Studios, Inc. and
legendary music mogul Clarence Avant. The company was formed in early 2011
with an emphasis on creating brand new music software for mobile devices and
innovative videogames for both console and mobile markets.

"We are very excited to show our new games and projects from our extraordinary
team. Clarence and I really wanted to start with something that could revolutionize
the music industry as well as help rebuild a market that was considered sinking as
of late 2010. For those of you that don't know, Clarence Avant is a music legend and
is considered one of the Godfathers of Music. He helped create the business and
wants to make sure it stays health and alive. With that being said, our first project
will indeed be a music title and will be released in 2012. Further announcements
will be made shortly." Michael Yum, President, Krew Game Studios.

Krew Game Studios' first title is tentatively called "Project Orb" and will be released
for the Xbox 360 in 2012.

About Krew Game Studios

Krew Game Studios is a brand new software development studio focused on brining
innovative software to the console and mobile markets.

Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox Live are either registered trademarks or trademarks of
the Microsoft group of companies.

For more information on Krew Game Studios, or to be included on our mailing list,
please email


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