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Prototype 2 mutates into Blackwatch Collector's Edition


If the allure of wanton destruction just isn't enough to entice you to pick up Prototype 2, perhaps the Blackwatch Collector's Edition will convince you. In the realm of physical goodies, the collector's edition includes a hardbound art book and a soundtrack CD. Digital bonuses include all of the RADNET Edition content, the "Colossal Mayhem" DLC pack, Avatar gear for the Xbox and dynamic themes for PS3. The pack also includes a digital Dark Horse comic entitled either "Labrinth" or "Labryinth" depending on whether you trust the press release or the above trailer (yeah, it's probably "Labyrinth"). The final "bonus" in the collector's edition is a voucher for 20 percent off your first purchase of Prototype merchandise.

The press release notes that the Blackwatch Collector's Edition is now available for pre-order, though we haven't been able to find it online just yet. Whenever it does arrive, it will retail for $80.

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