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Seven Souls Online gets competitive with its closed beta


Last week, we gave you folks the opportunity to grab a beta key for NEOWIZ GAMES' upcoming F2P title Seven Souls Online. Well, the time has come to put those keys to good use. The game's developers announced in a press release today that Seven Souls Online has entered closed beta testing, but this isn't an ordinary beta test. No, this is a beta contest. You see, NEOWIZ GAMES wants to make sure that players report all the bugs they come across, so the studio is offering some extra incentives.

Throughout the course of the beta test, players can take part in The Great Bug Hunt, in which players are asked to submit bugs with screenshots and directions for replication. The seven players who submit the most useful bug reports will be rewarded with an iPad 2. If you're not up for all that bug-reporting work, though, don't worry. The studio is also asking beta testers to submit their most iconic screenshots that they think "represents Seven Souls Online." Players will vote on the forums for the best entry, and the top five contestants will receive an "ultra-rare" mount known as the Burning Ghost Mount, which sounds pretty awesome if a bit surreal. To get in on the beta testing action, just click on over to the game's official site.

[Source: NEOWIZ GAMES press release]

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