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Darkness falls on Forsaken World in latest expansion


Y'all better prepare your night-vision goggles because night is swiftly approaching Perfect World Entertainment's free-to-play title Forsaken World, and it's all thanks to the game's upcoming expansion, Nightfall. The recently announced update will take players to the far reaches of Eyrda with new quests, shinier shinies, and -- perhaps most interestingly -- the gift of flight. That's right, when Nightfall hits the live servers, players will be able to soar through the skies to experience "new bosses, dungeons, and events designed specifically for flying."

But maybe you've got more of a PvP bent to your playstyle. Don't worry; PWE is on the case. Forsaken World's Immortal Rift, which previously played host to massive guild wars, is being repurposed as "an all-out land conquering system," which will pit guild against guild against guild in a knock-down-drag-out brawl for territorial dominance. But that's enough chatter from us, so how about you click on past the cut for the expansion's teaser trailer, then head on over to Forsaken World's official site to get in on the fun.

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