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New DLC brings afros and bikinis to Final Fantasy XIII-2

Jordan Mallory

Final Fantasy XIII-2 players will have a little more afro in their lives come February 28, when Square Enix releases its latest episodic DLC event, "Sazh: Heads or Tails?" Players take on the role of Sazh Katzroy in an adventure that takes place concurrently with FFXIII-2's main story. Once completed, players will be able to add Sazh into their party, as is the way with these things.

The 400 MSP/$4.99 episode also includes two new card games for Serendipity: Chronobind and Serendipity Poker. Noel's "Spacetime Guardian" outfit and Serah's "Beachware" regalia will also be available that day, bundled together for 240 MSP/$2.99 and a silent confession to yourself that it's okay to play dress-up with your JRPG people.

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