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WoW Moviewatch: Raining Frost -- Stormwind Assault


You need to give this video a little bit of time to get started. The opening is a little slow, in my opinion, but the video picks up pace considerably after a short time.

I'm actually kind of excited to meet WazopVids, as I'm looking forward to what he might do in the future. Not much plot rears its head in Raining Frost -- Stormwind Assault, but the video shows a lot of promise in terms of pacing, tension, and graphics.

I loved the diver's HUD graphics. While it doesn't feel very WoW-like, admittedly, it was an effective technique for getting some anticipation and action in the plot. After all, otherwise you could simply sum the action up as "undead falls from sky"; in this version, you get "undead falls from sky with a cool HUD."

WazopVids is working on the next video already. You can see the teaser for it at the end of Raining Frost -- Stormwind Assault, so stick around to get that preview.
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