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Apple TV disappearing from store shelves; update imminent?


There's been a lot of speculation about an Apple HDTV of some kind, but it's much more likely that an improved Apple TV will make it to market before we see a large flat screen device. CNET is reporting that supplies of Apple's diminutive black box are dwindling at brick and mortar stores across the U.S., possibly pointing to a refresh of the Apple TV. and are no longer listing the Apple TV on their sites, and the only Apple TVs available on are used devices. AppleInsider reports that many electronics chains that used to carry the Apple TV no longer have them in stock.

What does this all point to? An Apple TV update. The existing model has been around since September of 2010 and many other electronics manufacturers are selling similar devices that offer improved specs.

A new Apple TV could provide full 1080p support, iOS 5, and even run applications. The latter would turn an Apple TV into a powerful gaming console, and support for iOS 5 could lead to a device that provides search and control capabilities through Siri voice command.

While the specifications of a refreshed Apple TV are pure conjecture at this point, a new device does seem to be in the works.

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