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Humble Bundle Mojam happens this weekend: vote on a game, see it made in 60 hours for charity


The Humble Bundle organization has done a fairly impressive job of raising money for charities with its name-your-price game bundles (also benefiting game developers, of course), but it's doing something a little different this weekend. It's enlisted the help of Minecraft creator Mojang for the Humble Bundle Mojam, a 60-hour coding jam (streamed live) that will see a game made from scratch and eventually sold, with all of the proceeds going to charity. They're also opening up the type of game to a vote, with folks able to choose from a number of different themes and genres, but the real kicker is that they're going to take the highest and lowest votes -- meaning you could see Real Time Strategy Beat 'em Up with a Steampunk / Ancient Egypt theme if the current voting holds up. Hit the source link below if you'd like to try to sway that in a different direction.

Update: The voting is now closed and the stream is live at (or after the break, if you prefer). The game they're tackling is a real-time strategy shoot 'em up with a steampunk ancient Egypt theme, and the donations are pouring in (totaling around $90,000 after eight hours).

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