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LG Fantasy Windows Phone appears on video, keeps us guessing


Clearly the LG Fantasy (make that the Miracle) isn't camera shy. Not long after a quick debut with Mr. Blurrycam, the Windows Phone handset has landed a short, poorly lit cameo in someone else's amateur film. Which is to say, the video doesn't reveal anything exciting. Aside from a few swipes and taps around the OS, we also get a quick peek at the device's rear, which is rocking an unmistakable "Not For Sale" sticker, and appears to have a matte finish. That purported 4-inch screen is allegedly of IPS quality, and is said to be paired with a 1GHz CPU, 8GB of internal storage and an NFC chip. The only thing certain about all these early appearances is that LG's fantasies are about to become a reality (sorry, guys).

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